About us

About us

A Few Words About​ Who We Are​


Africa In Your Hands was started by travel stalwart Sheree Simpson who is passionate about Africa, travel and creating the space for people to touch the magic of the continent and fulfill their dreams.

Inspired by the great Nelson Mandela, Sheree says: “Madiba always used to say ‘It’s in Your Hands’ and that has always been my mantra, but I’d like to help you make choices and fulfil those dreams. I love to travel and have a range of clients that offer diverse experiences that truly do allow one to not only experience different places, and have unbelievable adventures – but it’s also about the journey back to self. A place where one can breathe in the soul and spirit of a continent and head back home refreshed and revived.”

With over 30 years in the hospitality and tourism industry, no-one knows the needs of both local and international clients like Sheree.

Why Travel, Why Experience

Travel expands the mind, body and soul – giving you the time to drink deeply of life, savour the present moment and allow the magic and mystery of the African continent to help you to realise your every wish.

meaning of the logo

Covering the continent of Africa, the colours epitomise what our continent is all about... the blue of the ocean, brown of the deserts, stone is for our magnificent Safari/bush & the green for environmentally friendly – something Africa as a Continent work towards………


Our Partners

We are proud to represent a diversity of products that highlight a range of wonderful possibilities and experiences.

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