Hideaways Africa

Hideaways Africa

With a deep love for Southern Africa, its people and its wildlife, Hideaways was born to share this cherished safari experience with eco-conscious travellers who share an appreciation for the natural splendour of remote locations and the unspoiled beauty of Africa with extraordinary safari experiences in Southern Africa’s most exclusive wilderness conservation areas.

At Hideaways, it is our mission to create bespoke, memorable, and deeply moving safari experiences for our guests, to experience Africa’s sounds, scents, views and tastes in absolute comfort and style. Our lodges offer excellent service, gourmet food and lavish accommodation with a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Our kind-hearted and exceptionally friendly lodge staff encapsulate the warm reputation Southern Africa is so well known for. They play a key role in ensuring that your experience is an unforgettable one by attending to your every need and putting your desires first. Expert guides will open your eyes to the inner working of this remarkable land, share their tales of adventure and discovery and leave you feeling a serene connection with the natural world.


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